Turning Trauma into Triumph: Gavin’s Journey with Tate’s Army

Turning Trauma into Triumph: Gavin’s Journey with Tate’s Army

A key part of our mission is to provide support for lawn mower accident survivors through financial
assistance. This is just one example where Tate’s Army was able to help a young boy on his road to

On June 1, 2018, Gavin was involved in a lawnmowing accident which caused multiple injuries and
resulted in an amputation below the knee. Gavin has a prosthetic and in the last few years has
experienced struggles with peers. Gavin needed an opportunity to connect with kids his age that had
experienced the same struggles. Tate’s Army funded an opportunity for Gavin to attend Camp No Limits,
a camp that aims to provide education, mentorship, and support to limb loss children and their families.
Gavin and his parents attended a weekend camp in Tennessee.

Gavin and his parents

After the camp, Gavin’s mom told us, “I am not quite sure how to put into words how grateful and thankful
we were to have the opportunity to go to Camp No Limits. He now has learned that he can do anything,
sometimes just a little differently than everyone else.” She also said that there was nothing quite like
meeting other parents who were going through the same thing as them.

Perhaps the most inspiring part of Gavin’s story is that he made a genuine friend at the camp. He met a
young man his same age, who had the same amputation as him. This showed Gavin that he is not alone
in his journey. Since the camp, Gavin has stayed in contact with his friend using Facetime and continues
to text him almost daily. This trip taught Gavin’s family that no matter how hard things may be, you can’t
give up.

gavin ziplining

Your generosity towards our foundation made this experience possible.
Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to our mission.
If you know someone who was involved in a lawn mower or machinery accident that could benefit from
financial support, please fill out our application for assistance.